District of Innovation Committee

In March 2019, the Frisco ISD Board of Trustees approved guidelines for the District of Innovation Committee, including committee composition and protocol.
District of Innovation Committee Operating Procedures

Committee Chair

 Duana Kindle

Committee Purpose 

The DOI Committee shall be an ad hoc advisory body of the district and shall serve to provide guidance and counsel to the Board and the District Administration as it relates to recommendations for district innovations. The DOI Committee shall have no power to expend public funds, enter into contracts, or otherwise place obligation or liability upon the district. 

Committee Membership

The DOI Committee membership shall provide a balance of representation among various stakeholders and interests. The DOI Committee shall be constructed as follows:

  • Four community representatives as designated by the Board.

  • Four staff representatives as designated collectively by the Instructional Support Team (IST).

  • The FISD District Improvement Team (DIT) when in session with the eight members noted above.

Meeting/Time Commitment

The DOI meets once annually and possibly more if needed

Term Limits

Members serve in one-year terms and are limited to two consecutive terms.

Appointment Timeframe

The set appointment time is in the Spring but may change based on the District's DOI needs. 

If you are interested in serving on the District of Innovation Committee, please fill out the Stakeholder Committee Application.

Committee Facilitators

  • Duana Kindle 

Committee Members

  • Tiffany Carey

  • Stacy Cameron

  • James Hill

  • Katie Holt

  • Garrett Jackson

  • Erin Jewell

  • Katherine Johannes

  • Jessica Johnson

  • Mary Jurczak

  • Michelle Kelly

  • John Lamb

  • Jeana Leon

  • Hollis Little

  • Katherine Maas

  • Jasmin Mack

  • Suzanne Mann

  • Dawn Mather

  • Cheryl McDonald

  • Aiesha McFadden

  • Sue Park

  • Kelly Perry

  • Allison Petty

  • Malynda Purcell

  • Malar Puspa

  • Dana Racanelli

  • Terri Rayer

  • Michael Rhea

  • Melisa Roberts

  • Curtis Schetler

  • Marama Smith

  • Max Smith

  • Kim Smolka

  • Tiffaney Stewart

  • Scott Straley

  • Ivy Sun

  • Andrew Tran

  • Alesha Watts

  • Jacqueline Wilson

  • Beverly Woodson

  • Jaime Youngblood

  • Dena Youtt

  • Travis Zambaisi

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