Meal Service

Virtual Instruction

"To-go" meals will be available for pick-up upon request for enrolled Frisco ISD students participating in Virtual Academy. Advance registration is required to receive meals for the remainder of the first nine weeks, which runs through Oct. 16. 
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Breakfast and lunch will be distributed once a week for all days school is in session. Weekly meals may be picked up on Thursdays at Lawler Middle School (between 8:30-9:30 a.m.) or Reedy High School (between 7-7:30 a.m., or 9:30-10 a.m.):

  • Lawler Middle School: 12921 Rolater Rd., Frisco, TX, 75035, Cafe Phone: 469-633-4192

  • Reedy High School: 3003 Stonebrook Pkwy., Frisco, TX 75034, Cafe Phone: 469-633-6459

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NOTE: Because students have the option to switch to on-campus instruction after each grading period, families who wish to continue to pick-up meals after the first nine weeks must complete a separate sign-up form for each subsequent grading period.  

Meal Pricing

Students will be charged for the meals that are picked up based on their meal status. 

  • Students who qualify for free meals: no charge

  • Students who qualify for reduced-priced meals:  

    • $0.30 per breakfast

    • $0.40 per lunch ($2.80 for a 4-day week; $3.50 for a 5-day week)

  • All other students:  

    • $1.50 per breakfast

    • $2.50 per lunch ($16.00 for a 4-day week; $20 for a 5-day week

Click here for more information about free or reduced-price meals and how to begin the application process.

On-Campus Instruction

A number of new or revised protocols will be in place in the cafeteria for students participating in on-campus instruction. K-12 students will come to the cafeteria to pick up meals and may eat in either the cafeteria or classroom depending on the number of students in school. Meals for Pre-Kindergarten students will be served and eaten in the classroom. Masks and shields will be worn by Child Nutrition employees, and students will wear face coverings while not eating or drinking.

Physical distancing and staggered schedules will be implemented. Signage and staff will reinforce physical distance and traffic patterns in the cafeteria. Meals will be packaged as “grab and go” to ensure ease of pick up and transport to the eating location. Hand sanitizer will be available at multiple locations, and surfaces will be disinfected between meal periods.

Additionally, several strategies will be implemented to reduce contact with high-touch areas and speed up serving lines. For meal payment, pin pads have been removed from cashier locations and replaced with barcode scanners for a touchless process. At the elementary level, ID cards and classroom rosters with barcodes will be used to help limit possible exposure. Secondary students will also be encouraged to download the SchoolCafé mobile app which contains a barcode that can be scanned for meal payment. In addition, parents are asked to utilize the SchoolCafé mobile app or website to add funds to their student’s meal account to reduce the need for the in-person exchange of cash or checks. Learn more about SchoolCafé here

Meal Pick-Up During a Campus Closure

In the event of a school or classroom closure/quarantine, the Frisco ISD Child Nutrition Department will provide meals for pick-up each day. The opportunity to receive meals will be communicated to families impacted by the closure, and advance sign-up will be required via a form included in the email notifying families of the closure. Breakfast and lunch will be distributed “to go” between 9:30 and 10:30 a.m. at the family’s choice of one of six locations across the District.

Pick-Up Location Choices

  • Hunt Middle School - 4900 Legendary Dr., Frisco, TX, 75034; Cafe Phone:  469-633-5242

  • Lawler Middle School - 12921 Rolater Rd., Frisco, TX, 75034; Cafe Phone:  469-633-4192

  • Pearson Middle School - 2323 Stonebrook Pkwy., Frisco, TX, 75036; Cafe Phone:  469-633-4492

  • Roach Middle School - 12499 Independence Pkwy., Frisco, TX, 75036; Cafe Phone:  469-633-5042

  • Scoggins Middle School - 7070 Stacy Rd., McKinney, TX, 75070; Cafe Phone:  469-633-5192

  • Trent Middle School - 13131 Coleto Creek Dr., Frisco, TX, 75033; Cafe Phone:  469-633-4442

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