Trademark and Logo Usage

The Frisco ISD logo and the FISD high schools’ logos have been trademarked by Frisco ISD and are registered as federal trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. District partners should utilize the Logo Branding document for colors and logos.

Frisco ISD academic organization, student clubs, athletic teams and fine arts programs are authorized to use the trademarked logos for school-related purposes. The logos may not be altered without written permission of FISD.

Frisco ISD employees are authorized to use the trademarked logos for classroom and school-related communications and purposes. An employee may not use the logos for personal use or for retail sales without the written permission of Frisco ISD and/or obtaining a fully executed Trademark Licensing Agreement with the district.

Official Frisco ISD booster clubs, PTAs and the Frisco Education Foundation have permission from FISD to use the trademarked logos without obtaining a Trademark Licensing Agreement.

  • These organizations may purchase items for retail sales and the company making their items is not required to have a trademark agreement, as long as sales are limited to the FISD group. 

  • If the company wishes to expand sales to include other logo items, the company must obtain its own Trademark Licensing Agreement.

Commercial, personal or retail use of one or more of the FISD logos requires a fully executed Trademark Licensing Agreement. 

The district reserves the right to revoke logo privileges at any time at its sole discretion.

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