Payments and Price Lists

Meal Accounts

View Payment FAQs | Frisco ISD Unpaid Meal Policy

Frisco ISD uses SchoolCafé for online meal account prepayments. Once you set up the account you can use SchoolCafé to:

  • See how much money is in your student’s cafeteria account 24/7

  • Deposit funds instantly via the web to ensure your student won’t lose or forget lunch money

  • View student’s cafeteria purchases to track spending and ensure your child is making healthy choices

  • Set reminders to notify you each time the balance is low (auto-pay also available)

To set up your SchoolCafé account, ensure you have the 6-digit student ID for each student in your household. Student ID’s can be obtained by contacting the front office of your child’s campus.

Second, visit and follow the on-screen instructions or the account creation help guide

Access SchoolCafé

You can also access your account on your Apple or Android device by downloading the SchoolCafé app.

Other Payment Methods

Payments to the meal account may also be made by cash or check at your student's cafeteria.  Checks should be made payable to Frisco ISD Child Nutrition and must include your current, full and accurate name, address, telephone number, driver’s license number and state, along with the student ID number of all students for which payment is being made. View the FISD check acceptance policy.

Low Balance Reminders

Parents will receive low balance phone call reminders via School Messenger. You may opt out of these calls by submitting this online form. Please allow 24-48 hours for the restriction to take effect. If you have requested your number to be blocked in the past, your number is still blocked.

Price Lists

Breakfast is $2 for all students. Lunch is $2.75 for elementary students and $3.75 for middle and high school students.  


Meal prices require students to choose a minimum of three of the following components, and one component must be a fruit or vegetable:

  • Protein

  • Low-fat milk

  • Whole grains

  • Fruits

  • Vegetables


Students who do not choose a complete meal or request additional servings will be charged a la carte prices. See the full price list.

Free & Reduced Application

Families with low household income are encouraged to apply for meal benefits in order to receive free meals.

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