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Gameday Photography & Videography Policy

This registration is only for professional photographers who are not employed by a media outlet such as a newspaper or established website. Credentials for media photographers should be requested through Matt Wixon, FISD Facilitator for Athletics, by emailing

Parent volunteers will need to obtain football credentials through the appropriate group (Campus Head Football Coach, Band Director, Drill Team Director).

Please allow 2-3 working days to process your registration.  All professional-photographer applicants must first have an approved background check through Frisco ISD. (


There is no fee, but non-media photographers must still have a background check and be referred to Human Resources to get a district photography badge. For photographers who would like to have a link to their professional website/galleries added to the Frisco ISD sports website, the fee is $200. (Note: Photographers who pay $400 for combined football venue access and a link to the Frisco ISD sports website do NOT need to pay an additional $200 for other sports.) Professional photographers for sub-varsity football and other sports must also coordinate with Brent Reese ( at least 24 hours prior to the event.

All photographers requesting sideline access during a sporting event must submit to the following: (which also includes sub-varsity and middle school athletic events)

  1. A background check will need to be completed online.  ( Please register under "DEPARTMENTS "ATHLETIC PHOTOGRAPHERS ONLY"

  2. Once a background check is cleared, email Brent Reese with confirmation of background approval and you will be sent the Athletics Registration Link.

  3. Upon completion of the items above, a badge will be provided by FISD HR to validate compliance with the district's new policy. Please bring a check (made out to Frisco ISD) upon arriving at HR.  See "badge pay schedule" below. (Varsity Football, please see #5).

  4. This new ID badge must be visible while taking photos at any FISD sanctioned sporting event.

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