2022 Football Media, Broadcast and Scouting Information


  1. Credential requests will be accepted for writers, photographers and videographers of professional media publications (newspaper, television station, website). To qualify as a media outlet for football credentials, the media outlet must show it has provided content from FISD games in the past that is not based solely in social media (Twitter, YouTube, etc.) and is not part of a recruiting site or simply game highlights or video productions for individual players. A media entity that has not covered FISD events in the past must show that it has created regularly updated content from events that is not based solely in social media.

  2. Recruiting-related organizations will be denied sideline access, unless those recruiting organizations can show created content related to high school athletics and events beyond recruiting-focused lists, updates, rankings and reports. Recruiting organizations will be offered a free seat in the stands. 

  3. Each media outlet representative can request credentials by filling out the form here.

  4. Request must be made by 12 p.m. Wednesday of game week.

For more information, please email Facilitator for Athletics Matt Wixon (wixonm@friscoisd.org).


FISD student sports broadcasters stream all FISD home games. Credentials for visiting teams' radio crews can be obtained by filling out the form here. Other requests for radio broadcasts will be considered when space is available at the venue. For more information, please email Facilitator for Athletics Matt Wixon (wixonm@friscoisd.org).


  1. Limited Seating in press box.

  2. Press box access will only be allowed for those scouting a team that appears no more than two games later on schedule.

  3. Maximum of three scouts per high school affiliation. Coaches need to make accommodations at least 48 hours in advance. A THSCA pass will allow access to the game, but not access to the pressbox.

  4. Email Matt Wixon (wixonm@friscoisd.org) in the Athletics Office to make arrangements. No admittance if name is not on credential list.

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