Weather Related Closing & Delays

If a decision must be made as to school closing or a late opening, announcements will be posted on the front of the Frisco ISD website, social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook and on area radio and television stations. The District will also utilize the phone/email/text message system to communicate directly with parents, so please be sure to have up-to-date contact information on file at your child’s school. Additionally, closure/delay information and updates will also be posted online at, schools will be open as scheduled.

Will School be Closed Today?

When a threat of severe winter weather exists, FISD coordinates closely with City of Frisco and other jurisdictional emergency management officials to determine the status of local road conditions.  This information, along with input from surrounding school districts, will be used to make a final decision regarding school operations by 5:30 a.m. Given the opportunity for rapidly changing road conditions during winter weather incidents, FISD will continue to monitor conditions and issue appropriate updates if it becomes necessary. When dangerous conditions exist, we ask parents to listen to the news on the radio or television and to check the FISD website and social media channels or other news channel websites for potential changes in the regular schedule. Those venues are contacted and updated by 6 a.m. If there is a need for a closing or delay, parents will receive communications from the District. If you contact the schools, you will get a recording if the status of school is to delay or cancel. For safety and security purposes, school administrators who can safely reach the building will be at the school to make sure that children are not dropped off or left unattended if a parent does not get the word on a delay or cancellation.

When we have inclement weather or an emergency occurs, there are numerous factors considered before closing or delaying the opening of the schools. Those factors include:

  • the welfare of the students, staff and parents;

  • the safe transporting of students from their homes to the schools and back; and

  • the disruptions caused in the home when school is canceled (we understand that many of the parents in Frisco work outside of the home and it is a concern to make arrangements for care, etc.)

Officials consider current road conditions, forecasts and are also in contact with neighboring district leaders to see what decisions are being made in the area. If we delay school it will be for two hours. Our officials will continue to monitor the roads and if conditions do not seem to be improving, we may then cancel; that decision will be made by 7:30 a.m. Please continue to monitor the news and the District website in these situations. The District will also utilize its School Messenger phone/email/text system and Twitter and Facebook accounts.

After school and evening activities: If we do not have school, the assumption will be that we will not hold after-school or evening activities unless otherwise communicated. If conditions improve greatly and an activity is scheduled with another district, the activity may go on as scheduled. If conditions deteriorate during the day or the threat of inclement weather becomes more likely, we may modify schedules/cancel after-school and evening activities. Those changes will also be posted on the website and other FISD methods of communication will be utilized.

Middle School 2-Hour Delay Schedule: Refer to this bell schedule when the opening of school is delayed by two hours.

CTE & High School 2-Hour Delay Schedule: Refer to this bell schedule when the opening of school is delayed by two hours.

Early Childhood School Considerations when there is a Two-hour Delay: If the district announces a 2 hour delayed start, the following schedule will be in effect:

  • All half day (7:40 and 11:40) classes will be canceled.

  • All PSLC, Language, and Walk-in Speech classes will be canceled.

  • Full Day classes will begin with a 2-hour delay and end at the regular time.

  • Morning transportation services will be provided with a 2-hour delay.

  • Dismissal transportation services will be provided on the normal schedule.

Note: FISD has never released school and buses early due to the threat of weather; to do so is a major decision. Students are safe at school and we are concerned with sending students home without supervision in such conditions. Parents are always welcome to come get their children if they feel that is the best decision for them. Please, however, have a plan in place if circumstances did necessitate a release of secondary students at an earlier than normal time. If ever necessary, we would post this on our website and utilize our phone/email/text system and Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Bad Weather Make-up Days

The FISD school calendar reserves bad weather make-up days. Check the school calendar for make-up days. If no schools days are lost to bad weather these dates will be used as holidays.

A/B Calendar Issues: If a day of school is missed for inclement weather, the next day high school students return to school will follow the A/B calendar as it is published. For example, if they miss school on Monday and it is an A day and students return to school on Tuesday, then that will remain a B day. When the missed day is made up, the missed A or B day of classes will be recovered at that time.

Media Announcements

Staff and students are advised to listen to local radio and television stations for announcements regarding inclement weather school closings or delays of any nature.

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