School Closures & Delays

School closures or delays are rare but sometimes necessary to ensure the safety of Frisco ISD students and staff. A closure or delayed start may impact all campuses or only a specific campus(es) depending on the circumstances.

In the event of a District or campus closure, all classes and after-school or evening activities are canceled unless otherwise noted. Delayed school openings will typically occur on a 2-hour delayed schedule. Additional considerations will be communicated should a delayed start become necessary.  

Will School be Closed Today?

Frisco ISD will directly notify parents and staff via email and text message in the event of a school closure or delay. Please be sure to have up-to-date contact information on file at your child’s school. You can ensure you are subscribed to text messages from Frisco ISD by texting “Y” or “Yes” to 67587.

Additionally, closure/delay information and updates will be posted online at and on the District’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. This information will also be shared with local television and radio stations.

When possible, the decision to close or delay schools will be made no later than 5:30 a.m. each school day. If no announcement is made, families and staff should assume schools will operate on their regular schedules and activities will be held as scheduled.  

For safety reasons, students should never be left unattended at a campus when staff is not present. When extreme winter weather conditions exist, please double check your messages to confirm school has not been canceled or delayed prior to dropping off your child. 

Calendar Impacts 

School Make-Up Days

The Frisco ISD school calendar reserves make-up days that can be utilized in the event of a school closure. Check the school calendar for the listed make-up days. If no school days are lost due to inclement weather or another reason, these dates will be used as holidays with no school for students and staff. If FISD has to cancel classes for any reason, these make-up days may be used as instructional days for students and staff with school in session. 

A/B Calendar 

If a day of school is missed, the next day high school students return to school will follow the A/B calendar as it is published. For example, if students miss school on Monday and it is an A day and students return to school on Tuesday, then that will remain a B day. When the missed day is made up, the missed A or B day of classes will be recovered at that time.

Weather Considerations

In the event of extreme winter weather, FISD coordinates closely with the National Weather Service, the City of Frisco and other area emergency management officials to make informed decisions regarding school closures or delayed openings. Learn more about how FISD makes these determinations and prepares for weather-related emergencies. 

Early Release

FISD typically does not release school or buses early due to weather, as this can pose problems for families and leave students without adequate supervision. When weather is a concern, parents have the option not to send their students to school or may withdraw students prior to dismissal so long as a Shelter-in-Place activation is not in effect at the campus. Any absences on a school day should be reported via the ‘Report an Absence’ tab on each campus website. 

After-School and Evening Activities

When school is canceled, all after-school and evening activities are also canceled unless otherwise noted. If conditions improve greatly and an activity is scheduled with another district, the activity may go on as scheduled. If conditions deteriorate during the day or the threat of inclement weather becomes more likely, FISD may modify schedules/cancel after-school and evening activities. Those changes will also be posted on the website and other FISD methods of communication will be utilized.