Legislative Testimony

During the legislative session, lawmakers hold hearings to discuss the impact of proposed legislation. Between sessions, hearings are also held for committees to gather information related to their interim charges or topics they are assigned to study by chamber leadership.

Hearings often include both invited and public testimony from stakeholders and experts. Frisco ISD participates throughout the session and the interim by providing information to legislators regarding the interim charge or likely impact of proposed bills on the district and public schools generally. Any time a representative of Frisco ISD provides oral testimony in a committee hearing, the district also submits written testimony to provide additional or supporting information to the committee members.

Below are copies of all the written testimony submitted by Frisco ISD during or prior to each Legislative Session.

87th Legislative Session Interim

*The same written testimony on HB 1525 and HB 4545 was provided to the House Public Education Committee on May 24, 2022.

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