Elections & Voting

Culture of Voting

The Frisco ISD Board of Trustees adopted a resolution to create and support a culture of voting within FISD at the November 13, 2017 board meeting. A culture of voting is one that encourages maximum participation by district employees and eligible students in the elections process.

Get Informed

Get Involved

Get Out and Vote

Reminder: Anything employees do during contract hours or with FISD resources is considered a use of District funds; thus it is important to understand what is and is not allowed by law regarding elections. ​View a list of Do’s & Don’ts. For more detailed information, please see this FAQ regarding campaign speech during elections.

Texas Elections

Local elections in Texas are very important. Many of the issues that most impact Texans are decided at the local government level. Yet local elections produce very low turnout in Texas. That means a small percentage of Texans are deciding who will make important decisions for our communities. An active voter in Texas must participate in local elections.  Visit the Vote Texas website to register to vote or to find out if you're already registered.

School Board Elections

Board members are elected at-large to three-year terms representing the entire FISD community. Learn more about FISD School Board Elections.

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