87th Session Legislative Priorities

The Texas Legislature meets in Austin from January through May of each odd-numbered year. Prior to the beginning of each legislative session, the Board of Trustees adopts legislative priorities for the upcoming session. In October 2020, the Frisco ISD Board of Trustees approved the following priorities for the 87th Session of the Texas Legislature, which begins in January 2021. 

The priorities were developed by the FISD Legislative Leadership Committee, a district committee made up of staff, students and community members which began meeting in fall 2019 to learn more about how local, state and federal governmental action impacts the school district. The committee was tasked with exploring issues that could be considered by state lawmakers in the next legislative session, as well as areas where action by the state could help Frisco ISD better serve students and the community.

Online Learning

  • Allow school districts to count as present for the purposes of Average Daily Attendance (ADA) students participating in virtual learning programs, including locally-developed online courses.

  • Revise the process by which online courses are approved by the Texas Education Agency to streamline approval and provide districts greater flexibility in creating online learning options for students.

  • Provide funding for districts to create specific professional development related to teaching in an online environment.. 

Special Education

  • Revise the Special Education funding formula to focus on student needs rather than the amount of time spent in a particular classroom setting by funding programs based on services provided in order to ensure provision of a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).

  • Require educator preparation programs and alternative certification programs to include instruction in the area of behavior management techniques, including positive behavior management supports.

Assessments & Accountability

  • Include in the state accountability system locally-developed measures that allow for meaningful data points and accord significant weight to such measures.

  • Rather than providing a single rating, provide a broader, more comprehensive view of accountability and the work of schools by reporting the strengths and needs of schools and districts in specific categories.

Whole Child

  • Create a Texas Education Agency advisory committee to study and make recommendations regarding the effectiveness of current state-level supports for implementation of comprehensive school counseling programs.

District Governance & Funding

  • Maintain the right of school districts to interact with legislators in the ways deemed most effective by local communities.

  • Secure the current school finance system and funding level by identifying new revenue sources and making all funding adjustments via the Basic Allotment.

  • Prioritize funding for traditional public schools by limiting expansion of charter schools, including new charter operators, particularly when the State is unable to maintain the funding levels set by House Bill 3.

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