Doing Business with FISD

Vendors interested in working with FISD, are invited to register on the District’s e-bidding website,  Prospective vendors should indicate what products and/or services they are interested in providing FISD. Please note, registration is not a vendor approval and does not authorize vendors to provide goods or services to FISD.

Registration on the District e-bidding website, allows vendors to receive email notifications when the District issues new proposals. FISD staff evaluates proposals to identify best value products and services. The District’s Board of Trustees approves vendors for District purchases.  

By state law and local policy, FISD is required to obtain competition for all products and services that meet specific legal thresholds, related to the total monetary value of like purchases over a 12 month period (TEC, 44.031(a)). It is best practice to obtain competition for all purchases no matter the dollar amount. FISD follows this business best practice. Below are the legally allowable purchasing methods used by the District. 

For more information on how FISD uses these methods to purchase products and services, view the  Purchasing Acquisition of Products Overview.‚Äč

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