Interlocal Agreement

To increase efficiency and effectiveness, a district may contract, to the greatest extent possible, with other local governments and state agencies to perform some of its purchasing functions. Texas Government Code §§ 791.001, 791.011(d-f), 791.011(j), 791.025(a-c). This allows FISD to use RFPs issued and awarded by other Texas school districts to purchase goods and services.

Another very common type of interlocal agreement is a cooperative purchasing program. FISD is a member of several purchasing cooperatives from which goods and services can be purchased at competitive prices. The term “purchasing cooperative” means a group purchasing organization that governmental entities join as members. A managing entity may receive fees from members or vendors to oversee operations of the cooperative.

A district that purchases goods and services by agreement with another local government, the state, or a state agency satisfies the requirement to seek competitive bids for the purchase. Texas Local Government Code §271.083(b); Texas Government Code §791.025(c); Texas Attorney General Opinion Number JC-37 (1999).

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