Sole Source

Sole source purchases are non-competitive purchases from a single supplier of a product or service for which the District has confirmed that the vendor is the only provider of the product or service. Sole source vendor status is extremely rare and is verified annually by FISD Purchasing Department.

Texas Education Agency (TEA) defines a sole source as an individual or company that sells:

  • An item for which competition is precluded because of a patent, copyright, secret process or monopoly

  • A film or manuscript

  • A utility service; or

  • A captive replacement part or component for equipment

Whether an item or service is patented or copyrighted is only one factor in determining if the purchase qualifies as a sole source (TEA). Ultimately, there must be no other product or service available that serves the same purpose or function. If a vendor believes it has a sole source product or service, the vendor should email the Purchasing Department,

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