Connecting students, parents, educators and the community to a bright future.

Department Responsibilities

  • Fiber Optics/WAN

  • Instructional Technology

  • Library & Media Services

  • Network Administration

  • Telecommunications

  • Distance Learning Management and Support

  • Hardware Service & Support

  • Business Support Services

  • Student Information Services


To support learners of all ages, abilities, and interests through collaborative real-world experiences enhanced by digital and print resources.  


To empower students, educators, staff and the community to utilize current and emerging resources as tools for lifelong learning.

We Believe...

  • Student learning outcomes should reflect creativity and critical thinking.

  • Relevant and continuous professional learning is essential.

  • Digital citizenship education develops a positive digital lifestyle for all students and staff.

  • Strengthening communication and collaboration among all stakeholders cultivates student learning.

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