Strategic Change Initiative

Frisco ISD is finalizing new administrative guidelines for the 2022-23 school year to address obscene content in library books and ensure inappropriate materials are not selected in the future. 

On June 13, 2022, the School Board adopted a new policy that defines and explicitly prohibits obscene content as well as provides for an expedited review process for books that are alleged to contain obscene content.   

On April 21, 2022, the School Board approved the addition of four new positions to increase the capacity of campus librarians and expand library programming. The positions will be involved in the purchase of new library books and the ongoing weeding of library collections based on standardized criteria such as age-appropriateness of the subject matter, condition and age of materials. 

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Read. Discover. Inspire.


To promote literacy and inspire a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.


Our vision is a community of passionate readers, lifelong learners, and innovators who inspire the world around them.

Collective Commitments

School librarians serve many roles within the school community: leader, instructional partner, information specialist, teacher, and program administrator. We have established these guiding principles as a reflection of our values as librarians and professionals in FISD.

As a campus LEADER, we will...

  • model a passionate love of reading.

  • defend literacy and intellectual freedom.

  • create a welcoming and supportive library space.

  • serve on decision making teams within the school community.

  • model life-long learning through professional development and continuous improvement.


  • collaborate with teachers to create engaging and authentic instructional opportunities and assessments.

  • provide the school community with a wide variety of print and online resources that meet curriculum needs.

  • encourage co-teaching between the librarian and classroom teacher.

  • collaborate with campus technology staff to integrate technology within the classroom and library.


  • provide leadership and expertise in acquiring and evaluating information resources.

  • model effective strategies for locating, accessing, and evaluating information within and beyond the library.

  • advocate for the use of library resources.

  • provide professional development opportunities for campus staff on available informational resources.

  • instruct patrons on the appropriate use of online resources including behavior within digital learning environments (digital citizenship).

As a TEACHER, we will...

  • possess a solid understanding of the TEKS and district curriculum.

  • hold students to high expectations for achievement and success.

  • provide group instruction and individual guidance to students and staff at the point of need.

  • utilize best practices and diverse teaching techniques to meet the needs of students of different backgrounds, demographics, cultures, and learning levels.


  • develop and promote library policies and procedures.

  • manage staff, budgets, equipment, and facilities.

  • acquire, process, organize, distribute, maintain, and inventory library resources.

  • provide a variety of opportunities for students and staff to connect to the library.

  • plan, execute, and evaluate the program to ensure quality.

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