Child Abuse

Reporting Child Abuse

What must I do if I suspect abuse or neglect of a child?

If a child is in immediate danger, call 911 or your local police first. Then call the Texas Abuse Hotline at 800.252.5400 to make a report. The Texas Abuse Hotline is open 24/7/365. (Report via the online reporting system for non-urgent situations only. A non-urgent situation means that intervention is not needed within 24 hours.)

What must I do if I suspect sexual abuse or maltreatment of a child?

If a child has reported actions against them that include sexual abuse or maltreatment, you must make a report to the Texas Abuse Hotline website or to Texas Abuse Hotline at 800.252.5400.  When the abuse and maltreatment is of a sexual nature, you must also notify your campus School Resource Officer (SRO) so that law enforcement can take proper steps to ensure the safety and timely actions to support the student.

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