College and Career Planning

Frisco ISD is committed to college/postsecondary readiness for all students. College readiness is a result of thoughtful and conscious preparation. Here are resources to help you begin what may be the most exciting and important journey of your life!

There are things you can do each year of high school to help ensure that you are college ready.

College Planning Overview

9th Grade Year

These grades count when applying to college! Develop strong study skills and organizational habits that will help you now and for the years to come!

10th Grade Year

  • Get good grades

  • Volunteer – log your hours on x2vol

  • Get involved or stay involved in school activities (quality more important than quantity). Work toward leadership positions.

  • Plan Jr. and Sr. year classes with graduation requirements in mind

  • Consider career plans – take career assessments on Xello

  • Begin thinking about what you want in a college (College Fair in January)

  • Start your resume

  • Pass English 2 EOC

  • Take the PSAT and practice for ACT/SAT on Khan Academy

11th Grade Fall

  • Take challenging classes and make good grades

  • Attend College Fair (Sept.)

  • Take PSAT one last time (National Merit)

  • Practice for ACT/SAT

  • Research colleges on Xello

  • Visit colleges

  • Update your resume

  • Stay involved in school activities

  • Continue community service

11th Grade Spring

  • Take the actual ACT/SAT

  • Visit colleges

  • Attend “Just for Juniors” night

  • Potential college athletes: register for NCAA

  • Narrow your college choices

  • Stay in clubs/organizations

  • Community service

  • Pass US History EOC

12th Grade Fall

  • Take college preparatory classes

  • Retake ACT/SAT if needed

  • Apply to 3-5 colleges by Thanksgiving

  • Keep track of deadlines

  • Apply for FAFSA ID#

  • Complete FAFSA for financial aid

  • Apply for scholarships

  • Continue with clubs/organizations

  • Volunteer/community service

12th Grade Spring

  • Apply for scholarships/Know priority deadlines for consideration for scholarships and financial aid

  • Keep your grades strong

  • Select your college by May 1

  • Be aware of deadlines to submit deposits
    for housing

  • Graduate!

Planning Resources


Xello is a program that is available to all Frisco ISD middle and high school students. This program offers comprehensive assistance from learning about one’s interests, skills, and personality, to college and career research tools. Frisco ISD students may access Xello by going the Student Portal.

Texas Oncourse

Texas Oncourse provides parents and students with a variety of tools and information for preparing for college and careers, including activities for middle schoolers and information about how Texas high school graduation plans may translate into careers.

Big Future

Big Future gives timely information and strategies for self assessment, college and career research, and applying to and paying for college.

Career Onestop

Career Onestop, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, offers resources for career exploration, training/education, and job search. 

Choosing a College

There can be several criteria for choosing a college. You can use filters in Xello to search for colleges that are right for you. If you’re not sure what your criteria are yet, see Big Future's How to Decide Which College Is Best for You.

Making the Most of College Visits

There is no better way to research colleges than to see them for yourself! Visiting a campus gives you the opportunity to talk to students, faculty in potential majors, and to see if it “feels right!” See “Making the Most Out of College Visits” by Princeton Review:

Applying to College

See “Applying 101” by College Board’s Big Future -

College Fairs

Frisco ISD hosts two college fairs with approximately 150 colleges: one in the fall for juniors and seniors and one in the spring for freshmen and sophomores. Information will be shared with families prior to the fairs.


Typically, students may take either the SAT or ACT as an entrance exam for college. It is recommended that students add the Writing portion of each test, as well. Be sure you are aware of deadlines for registering for the different administrations.

View the dates/deadlines for SAT/ACT tests

Financial Readiness

Financial Aid

There are several types of financial aid: grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study. Applications are required for any of these types of aid.

FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Completing the FAFSA Application is required for consideration for federal student aid, but many colleges require the completion of FAFSA for scholarship consideration, as well. FAFSA opens every year on October 1 for aid for students’ next year of college.


Xello_tileFrisco ISD students may access additional outside scholarships by going through the student portal and selecting the "Xello" tile. Once logged into Xello, click on "College Planning" under Goals and Plans. Select "search for local scholarships" under Local Scholarships. 

Community College

Community College can offer lower tuition, programs for immediate career preparation, and the opportunity to earn credits that transfer to four-year universities.



Career Day Videos

Dive into Frisco ISD's Career Day and explore several different industries as over 20 professionals talk about their careers, skillsets and academic recommendations, and suggested steps you could take to obtain a similar career! Watch the videos now.

November 7-20, 2020

January 9-15, 2021

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