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Frisco ISD’s Long-Range Planning Committee has been established to serve in an advisory capacity to the FISD School Board and Administration. As FISD continues to grow, it is important for the district to hear from community stakeholders and reassure that the district continues to build and educate in a direction supported by our taxpayers and parents. The purpose of the committee is to build a sustainable and revolving advisory group that learns about issues facing the school district and works together to make recommendations for solutions to the Board and administration.

The committee will be made up of 45-50 members. Members will serve a three year term. The committee shall be composed of representatives from the community, only. An application process will be utilized for the committee and membership will be determined by a consensus of the School Board and the districts Instructional Support Team. For the 2017-2018 school year, members who served on the Priority Based Budget Committee in the 2016-2017 school year will have the opportunity to continue their service on this new committee.

The committee will be led by Todd Fouche, Deputy Superintendent of Business Services, and Kimberly Pickens, FISD CFO.

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