New School Features

  • Flexible spaces and easy-to-move furniture give teachers and students options for collaboration and active learning.

  • Geothermal wells, which are more energy efficient and cheaper to maintain than traditional systems, provide heating and cooling. Energy management systems allow for centralized control and monitoring.

  • Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) exterior wall systems reduce energy consumption, limit sound transmission and can withstand a 250 mile-per-hour wind gust for three seconds.

  • Buildings are arranged to allow windows in all classroom spaces, and clerestory windows allow natural light into corridors.

  • LED lights use less energy and last longer than older models. LED technology, including individual classroom daylight harvesting systems, automatically adjust light levels to accommodate for natural light conditions.

  • Projects meet requirements of the City of Frisco’s Green Building Program and EPA’s ENERGY STAR Cool Roof Program.

  • Low flow fixtures and irrigation controls promote water conservation. Computerized sensors monitor for leaks, indicate rain and soil conditions and help determine the need for watering. Pressure compensating heads and drip irrigation are also used where appropriate. Reclaimed water is used for irrigation where infrastructure allows.

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