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The purpose of the Frisco ISD Communications and Community Relations Department is to inform and engage the community for the benefit of our students and schools.

This can be accomplished by creating an adaptable framework and resources to build knowledge and skills within all stakeholders to enhance communications and create personalized connections to our mission (to know every student by name and need) through our message(s) and brand.

Belief Statements

  • Information is powerful.

  • Effective communication is everyone’s job.

  • Open dialogue builds trust.

  • Advocacy creates opportunity.

  • Awareness of district programs, initiatives/goals, activities, accomplishments and needs provides the context of meaningful discussion and interactions.

  • Fostering community pride and understanding benefits all students.

  • Partnerships build strength through collaboration; shared responsibility is empowering.

  • Celebrating employee and student achievements encourages a tradition of excellence.


  • Students

  • Staff

  • Parents

  • Businesses

  • Taxpayers

  • Seniors

  • Media

  • Civic organizations

  • Local government

  • Former students

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