Community & Business Involvement

FISD values its many community partners for their ongoing support of the District, our schools and students. The District offers many way you can partner with the us including advertising, marketing and sponsorships. To learn more about ways to get involved, contact the Frisco Education Foundation or the Community Relations Department program. 

Distribution of Non-School Materials

The District website and our eNewsletter to parents and the community are the only distribution locations for non-school related information from outside/third party groups/organizations/businesses to FISD students and parents. Information should be youth or family oriented. 

Items posted in the Community Folder area of the website are subject to review and approval based on Board Policy GKDA (Local). For-profit groups will be required to make a $50 donation to the Frisco Education Foundation before postings are approved. This electronic Community Folder page is linked to our campus websites and communications will be sent out to remind people to visit the site. You may submit information online for the Community Folder. Please contact Sherry Levine or Sharon White for more information.

Sponsor our eNewsletters

In addition, outside groups may also help sponsor the distribution of our internal and external newsletters. Sponsorship opportunities include:

  • eNewsletter (3 ad spaces available in each issue) - Sent twice a month during the school year to approximately 90,000 email addresses of FISD parents and community members. 

  • Events eNewsletter (1 ad space available in each issue) - Sent once a month during the school year to approximately 90,000 email addresses of FISD parents and community members. 

  • The Beat (1 ad space available in each issue) - Sent once a week during the school year to all FISD faculty and staff members. 

For more information about eNewsletter advertisements, including pricing, view the Advertising, Marketing and Sponsorships webpage or contact Jennifer Morris at

Advertisers must agree and understand that some run dates could vary by up to a week based on the needs of the Frisco ISD Communications Office. All ad content and graphics must be submitted no later than the Monday before the ad runs.

Note: Posting of any advertisement and links to other sites where goods or services are advertised does not reflect the viewpoints of FISD or an endorsement from the District of the advertiser, or of the product or service involved.

Connect with Employees

Businesses wanting to distribute information to FISD employees about special discounts or services should contact the Communications Office. The District maintains an internal website for employees that allows us to host information of interest to District personnel. FISD employee mailboxes, workrooms and email accounts are not utilized for distribution of this type of information, though employees do receive an email each week that includes a featured deal and reminder about where to find all offers from area businesses. Please contact Sharon White at for more information. 

Fundraising/Charitable Efforts

Fundraising opportunities that a business would like to make available to schools can be distributed through the Communications Office. Following District guidelines, individual schools and PTAs make decisions regarding fundraising efforts for school benefit or for a charitable endeavor.

Signs at FISD Schools

Frisco ISD will review requests for posting signs at campuses and district facilities from city-based sports teams, youth organizations and third-party school-support organizations. Businesses with physical locations/store fronts are not allowed to post signs at any time. 

The district has a limit of one sign per organization displayed on campus at any time, with a maximum of two signs total for seven days that any sign can be displayed. 

Your request must be submitted to Erin French at at least a week prior to the requested start date for sign display and must include the following items:

  • An electronic copy of the sign

  • The approximate size of the sign

  • The campus(es) where you are requesting to post the signs

  • The seven (7) day period you are requesting to have the signs displayed.

After the request has been approved, it is then the responsibility of the organization to show the approval letter signed by the Chief Communications Officer to the campus and post their sign in the approved location set aside by each campus. Additionally, FISD campuses and buildings within the City of Frisco must follow the rules found in the city's sign ordinance. At the end of the approval period, the organization is responsible for removing their signs from district property. Failure to follow these guidelines could jeopardize an organization's ability to place signs at the schools in the future. 

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