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Welcome to the Community Folder. In order to be a good community partner and to assist in the communication of information that may be of interest/benefit to students and families, while protecting as much as possible the school/classroom delivery method for information, we have expanded our community area of the website. Electronic communication has become standard and is preferred by many parents; the schools are sharing more and more information via email as a convenience to parents and as a way to save paper. We are committed to sending periodic reminders/links to our parents via email regarding this area and the postings on the website.


Non-profit groups will be allowed to post information at no cost. For-profit groups will be asked for a $50 donation to the Frisco Education Foundation in exchange for the opportunity to place information on the website.


The information below has been submitted to and approved by the Communications Department. It will be updated on a regular basis. Check back often for the latest opportunities and information from our community.


If you would like to post information on this page visit the online form.

Listings in this area do not constitute an endorsement of any agency, group, organization or business by Frisco ISD.
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