Salaries & Benefits

The District is committed to attracting and retaining the highest-quality employees to work with students each day. Frisco ISD offers competitive salaries and benefits, including:

  • Ability for employees’ children to attend FISD schools

  • Paid training

  • Matching voluntary retirement contributions

  • Wellness reimbursement

  • Free financial planning services

  • Access to the FISD Employee Clinic for acute care free of charge

  • Free virtual health visits to staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year via a virtual care platform

  • Retention incentive for employees with at least one year of TRS service credit with FISD 

  • $250 classroom teaching and supplies stipend 

View a full list of benefits available to FISD employees.

New and experienced educators will also find a wealth of support in FISD:

  • The District utilizes an instructional coach model with an emphasis on collaboration to respond to the needs of teachers and students. 

  • Teachers new to the profession are paired with a teacher mentor for the first year, with ongoing support their second year. 

  • Professional learning opportunities help staff hone new skills while embracing emerging instructional strategies. 

  • A 1:1 student-to-technology ratio supports personalized instruction and future-ready learning, with a digital learning coach assigned to assist teachers at each campus. 

  • Additional resources and training are available for employees looking to grow professionally and take the next step in their career, whether that’s earning a teaching certificate or specialized certification or moving into an administrative role. 

  • All educators are eligible to apply annually for grant funding to support innovative classroom ideas.

2023-24 Adopted Salary and Pay

The Frisco ISD School Board adopted 2023-24 compensation plan during the June 20 Board meeting. View the entire 2023-24 compensation plan.

2023-24 Adopted Teacher Salary Guide

This teacher salary guide is for the 2023-24 school year only. Neither past nor future salaries can be calculated, assumed, or predicted on the basis of this guide. Years of experience are subject to service record verification.

The proposed salaries listed below are for 184 days. Positions within additional days are based on the daily rate multiplied by the number of days worked.

New hires holding a master’s degree from an accredited college or university will receive a total stipend of $1,000. New hires holding a doctorate degree from an accredited college or university will receive a total stipend of $1,500. Employees with multiple advanced degrees are only eligible to receive one advanced degree stipend. Additional stipends are paid in critical needs areas as determined by the District.

Teachers/Nurses (184 Days):

2023-24 Years of Experience Bachelor's Degree
0 $59,000
1 $59,250
2 $59,800 
3 $60,350
4 $60,900
5 $61,450 
6 $62,000
7 $62,550
8 $63,100
9 $63,650
10 $64,200
11 $64,850
12 $65,400
13 $65,950
14 $66,500
15 $67,050
16 $67,550
17 $68,000
18 $68,450 
19 $68,900
20 $69,400
21 $69,800
22 $70,200 
23 $70,600
24 $71,000
25+ $71,400

Teacher Incentive Allotment

Since 2020, the District has been exploring ways to provide incentives for highly effective teachers through the Teacher Incentive Allotment as part of the District’s recruitment and retention efforts.
After a COVID-related delay, the District is taking a pivotal step by officially submitting an application for the District’s local designation system to the Texas Education Agency. 

The Teacher Incentive Allotment is part of House Bill 3, passed by the legislature in 2019, that provides a state stipend to teachers who achieve certain designations. There are numerous steps that districts must take before a teacher may receive a state stipend, including creating a local designation system that measures teacher observation and student growth. 

Visit the Teacher Incentive Allotment webpage to learn more about the Teacher Incentive Allotment in Frisco ISD. 

Information for Paras (Aides), Fine Arts Specialists, Auxiliary, and Clerical

A Contingent Offer Letter will be sent to At-Will Paraprofessional/Fine Arts Specialist and/or Auxiliary Employees during the on-boarding process after their background is cleared. To ensure accurate consideration for your compensation, your resume and application should have all applicable experience and/or education for review.

All FISD staff that work in a 15 hour or more per week position are eligible for health benefits through FISD that include the district contribution. 

All FISD staff that work in a 20 hour or more per week position are eligible for supplemental benefits including but not limited to dental, vision, disability, life in addition to the health insurance with the district contributions.

Benefit premiums will be withheld from your semi-monthly paychecks ensuring that ½ of each monthly premium will be withheld from each check per month.

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