Temporary Busing to Overflow Campuses

Frisco ISD provides transportation free of charge to new students who are required to attend a school other than the home campus zoned for their address. This is sometimes needed on a temporary basis when schools reach capacity and are closed to additional enrollment. 

Transportation will be available to a nearby overflow campus until the zoned campus is able to resume enrolling new students. Closed enrollment campuses are typically relieved in 1-2 years through attendance boundary modifications or a new school opening in the area.

Parents must register their child to ride the bus to and from the overflow campus. Families may also choose to provide their own transportation to the overflow campus. 

2023-24 Impacted Campuses

The following campuses are closed to new student enrollment. Busing will be provided upon request to the corresponding overflow campus.

 Closed Enrollment Campus Overflow Campus
 Nelson Middle School  Wester Middle School
 Lebanon Trail High School  Independence High School
 Reedy High School  Panther Creek High School
 Wakeland High School  Memorial High School

Available Transportation

New students who live within two miles** of their home zoned, closed enrollment campus can sign up to ride the bus from the closed enrollment campus to the overflow campus. Parents/ students are responsible for being at the closed enrollment campus at the appropriate time in order for the students to ride the bus to the overflow campus. The bus will return students to the closed enrollment campus at the end of the school day. 

New students who live more that two miles** from their home zoned, closed enrollment campus can sign up to ride the bus from a designated bus stop location to the overflow campus. Bus stop information will be provided via email and will not be listed on the district’s online bus routing system. New students should be sure to use the designated stop, assigned through Transportation for the overflow campus, and not the stops listed online for the closed enrollment campus.  

**The distance a student lives from their home zoned campus is determined by measuring from the flagpole of the school to the curb in front of their home, vice versa, using the shortest trafficable route. Families should not rely on online maps to make this determination and should email williamsf@friscoisd.org to verify distance.

Sign Up to Ride the Bus

New students who live in the attendance zone for one of the closed enrollment campuses should finalize the registration process with the data clerk at the corresponding overflow campus. After registration is complete, the data clerk will provide a link to a form that parents must use to request transportation to the overflow campus. Find contact information for the campus data clerk on the campus website.  

After a parent completes the form,  the Transportation Department will provide information via email regarding the time and location for meeting the bus. Elementary students must get bus tags from the overflow campus prior to riding the bus. Middle school students will get a bus card from their driver on the first day they ride the bus. These cards need to be shown to the driver each morning and afternoon. Please email  williamsf@friscoisd.org or correat@friscoisd.org if you have questions.

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