If you have transportation questions, please call the dispatcher at 469.633.6155. These lines will have someone available from 6:15 AM until 5:30 PM, Monday-Friday. If the lines are busy, please leave a message. We will call you back. If there is a transportation-related emergency after 5:30 PM, please call 911.

Bus Routes

  • Search for your bus route here. Be sure to enter the student’s address with street, lane, drive, etc. Do not enter zip code, grade or school; address only.

Make Sure You Catch the Right Bus

Please verify your school attendance zone information prior to looking up a bus route. In some neighborhoods, students may attend different high schools based on the grade they are in.

Bus Eligibility

Frisco ISD uses a computerized routing and mapping system as the standard by which all eligibility measurements are made. This is accomplished by incorporating GIS street and parcel data provided by the county. When schools are established, GPS coordinates of the flagpole are taken and imported into the routing system. This allows for the most accurate measurement between the flagpole and each residence in a given attendance zone and is the standard used by Frisco ISD.

Transportation is available for children who live two miles or more from their assigned school. The distance a student lives from their assigned school is determined by measuring from the flagpole of the school to the curb in front of their home, using the shortest trafficable route. The only exceptions to the two-mile rule are detailed here.

Since multi-unit dwellings and apartment complexes are not trafficable by our larger regular education buses, eligibility in most cases is determined by measuring from the flagpole to the main entrance of the complex, using the shortest trafficable route.

Not Eligible for Busing?

Although we take great measures to avoid inaccuracies, we understand that errors may occur. Here are a few simple steps individuals can take if it is believed that an eligibility error exists.

  • From the bus routing webpage, click on the “contact us” link to submit your specific request.

  • A transportation specialist will investigate the request and verify the distance determined by the mapping and routing system.

  • After the verification is complete, an email response will be sent with the computed distance from the flagpole to your residence.

  • If it is determined that the measurement is 2 miles or more, the appropriate changes to the stop boundary will be made and busing information will be provided.

Board Approved Two-Mile Rule Busing Exception

Transportation will be provided for elementary and middle school students IF crossing:

  • Six lane roadway with a speed limit over 45 mph

  • Tollway

  • State Highway

  • Farm-to-Market-Road

Transportation will be provided to:

  • Elementary students that live within 2 miles of a campus that would be required to walk alongside a Farm-to-Market road where a sidewalk (or safe path) is not provided.

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