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Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (Exit Level)

March TAKS Information

  • Students that have previously taken TAKS and did not earn "Met Expectation" This includes students whose graduation requirement is TAKS (first year in 9th grade 2010-2011 or earlier)
  • ELA – March 6
    Math – March 7
    Science – March 8
    Social Studies – March 9
  • Due to scheduling conflicts, Frisco ISD will not be administering the TAKS test in March. Former FISD students must register to test with another district if they wish to take the TAKS assessment in March. Please visit the registration link below for a directory of available locations.
    If you attended a FISD school in 2015-2016, you do not need to register.
  • You must bring a photo ID. You will not be allowed to test without a photo ID.
    Do not bring a cell phone or other electronic device. They will not be allowed in the testing room. Having one in your possession while testing may invalidate your score(s).
  • Students who were first time ninth graders in 2010-11 or earlier

  • All TAKS graduate students must pass the TAKS exit level test before being issued a diploma. Remediation will be offered to those students who fail any portion of the test.

Statewide comprehensive assessments in reading/English/Language Arts, math, social studies and science. TAKS measures achievement of the essential knowledge and skills of the state-mandated curriculum. Students must meet State Panel Recommendation (Passing Standard) in order to receive a high school diploma. Students are tested during the spring semester of each school year in various subjects. The grade and subjects shown on the AEIS reports (for the first administration of the test only) are:

  • Exit Level - English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. This test is known as the exit-level test; students are required to pass it in order to qualify for graduation from high school.

Every TAKS test is directly linked to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) curriculum. The TEKS is the state-mandated curriculum for Texas public school students. Essential knowledge and skills taught at each grade build upon the material learned in previous grades. For more information on TEKS, please see the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills website.


State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness

STAAR replaced the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) in the spring of 2012. The STAAR program at grades 3–8 assess the subjects listed below:

  • Grade 3 - reading and mathematics (English and Spanish versions)

  • Grade 4 - reading, mathematics, and writing (English and Spanish versions)

  • Grade 5* - reading, mathematics, and science (English and Spanish versions)

  • Grade 6 - reading and mathematics

  • Grade 7 - reading, mathematics, and writing

  • Grade 8* - reading, mathematics, science and social studies


Student Success Initiative

Enacted by the 76th Texas Legislature in 1999 and modified by the 81st Texas Legislature in 2009, the Student Success Initiative (SSI) grade advancement requirements apply to the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) reading and mathematics tests at grades 5 and 8.

As specified by these requirements, a student may advance to the next grade level only by passing these tests or by unanimous decision of his or her grade placement committee that the student is likely to perform at grade level after additional instruction.

High School

At high school, grade-specific assessments will include 5 end-of-course (EOC) assessments: Algebra I, biology, English I (R&W), English II (R&W), and U.S. history.

  • Grade 9 - STAAR EOC - algebra I, English I, biology

  • Grade 10- STAAR EOC- English II

  • Grade 11-STAAR EOC- U.S. History

Links from TEA:

STAAR - Alternate (STAAR-Alt)

STAAR–Alt is an alternate assessment based on alternate academic achievement standards and is designed for students with significant cognitive disabilities who meet the participation requirements. STAAR –Alt is administered in the same grades and subjects as STAAR.

For more information, refer to the special education assessments webpage.


Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System

In response to the federal testing requirement of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, the Texas Education Agency developed an assessment system called TELPAS. This system consists of reading tests and holistically rated assessments of listening, speaking, reading (for K-1 students), and writing. TELPAS is designed to assess the progress that limited English proficient (LEP) students make in learning the English language.

Under NCLB, states’ English language proficiency assessments must assess students annually in kindergarten through twelfth grade in four language domains: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. TELPAS assesses the following language domains.

  • Grades K–2 listening, speaking, reading, writing

  • Grades 3–12 listening, speaking, writing

The domain of reading in Grades 3–12 is assessed through a multiple choice test. Together, the reading test and the holistically rated listening, speaking, reading and writing assessments provide performance data used to fulfill state and federal reporting requirements. TELPAS reports student performance in terms of four English language proficiency levels: beginning, intermediate, advanced, and advanced high.

TELPAS is administered to all eligible LEP students, including LEP students who do not participate in a bilingual or English as a second language (ESL) program because of a parental denial.

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