No, Frisco ISD utilizes a curriculum developed by FISD teachers that is based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), which are the state standards for what students should know and be able to do. The 83rd Texas Legislature passed House Bill 462 (HB 462), which addresses the Common Core. The bill prohibits the State Board of Education (SBOE) from adopting Common Core State Standards and school districts from using Common Core State Standards to meet the requirements to provide instruction in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

Frisco ISD utilizes a curriculum developed by FISD teachers that is based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), which are the state standards for what students should know and be able to do. This consists of a framework that sequences which concepts and skills should be taught and when they should be taught throughout the year, as well as provides a flexible set of resources (texts, lessons, supplemental instructional materials, etc.) that teachers can use to teach those skills and concepts.

Teachers from across the District apply to write curriculum. These teachers work in teams and collaborate with the staff members from the Curriculum and Instruction Department to create, evaluate and refine curriculum resources. Collaboration among teachers from different campuses and with diverse perspectives allows for shared expertise and resources built to meet all students’ needs.

This process begins with a deep understanding of what the TEKS require students to know, understand and be able to do. Writers analyze data and feedback from teachers, as well as their own experience teaching the curriculum, to determine how students are performing and what changes may be needed. Curriculum teams collaborate vertically by subject with grades above and below, as well as across content areas to ensure alignment of all TEKS. Curriculum is written with the student experience in mind. In addition, curriculum writers benefit from the process through collaborating with colleagues, which enables them to enter the classroom with a deep understanding of the District curriculum.

Curriculum writers embrace a continuous improvement process for curriculum development with the goal of being responsive to the needs of Frisco ISD students. Throughout the year, the Curriculum and Instruction Department gathers feedback from classroom teachers to gain a deeper understanding of how curriculum is impacting planning, instruction and learning on each campus. Additional data from local and state assessments provide precise feedback that contribute to planning during the revision process.

Frisco ISD strives to create a community of lifelong learners. The District’s philosophy integrates processes to ensure all learners are successful in the learning process. Staff do this by addressing the four critical questions of professional learning communities:

  • What do students need to learn?

  • How will we know that they have learned it?

  • How will we respond when students do not learn it?

  • How will we respond when students already know it?

District curriculum provides a scope and sequence for the how and when teachers will ensure mastery of the state standards (TEKS). The FISD curriculum provides a wide range of resources that enable collaborative teams of teachers to make instructional decisions that best meet the needs of all students.

FISD teachers can answer specific questions regarding the curriculum and instructional practices used to meet the needs of each student.  Additional information pertaining to FISD curriculum for each subject area is located in Canvas under Student and Parent Resources. The TEKS are published on the TEA website.

Frisco ISD will no longer assign summer work or reading for any course. Leaders recognize the importance of allowing students to have breaks from academic work in order to promote positive mental health and balance. Students are encouraged to continue studies of their own interest or read self-selected books over the summer. It is a great time for students to relax with a book (or magazine, comic, etc.) and experience the pleasure of reading just for fun! Research shows that the more students read, the more successful they are; however, FISD also knows that students are more engaged and motivated to read when they are able to choose texts that meet their interests.

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