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About ChooseToCare

Frisco ISD utilizes ChooseToCare, an online and phone-based “tip-line” for students, parents, teachers and others to anonymously share any safety or health concern they may have regarding our schools and school community. It is another option for those with valuable information, who may have concerns or fears about using other established methods for communicating their information to school authorities.

Tip-lines have helped many organizations, public and private, to detect problems early on, minimizing harm and in many cases preventing it all together. When properly implemented, tip-lines serve to support a climate of safety, honesty and integrity within the organizations they serve.

ChooseToCare enables users to provide school officials with valuable information, securely, and from the privacy of their own homes. It is not meant to replace traditional and established methods of communication, but to supplement them. By providing another option for members of our school community (students, parents, administrators, teachers, etc.) to offer valuable information that they might otherwise choose to keep to themselves, ChooseToCare helps ensure that our schools will remain safe for all.

Report Your Concern

Please keep in mind, ChooseToCare is not an emergency response service. If you believe your call requires immediate police, fire, or paramedic response, call 9-1-1. ChooseToCare does not provide counseling or clinical advice. If you feel you need this type of attention, please seek the assistance of a qualified clinical or medical professional.

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