Professional Learning

Professional learning in Frisco ISD is aligned with the Future Ready Framework and focuses on learning, collaboration and results. Learning is an intentional, ongoing and systemic process aligned with district, campus and individual goals that impact student learning. A successful continuous improvement cycle is dependent on student achievement results that serve as evidence of professional growth; these results may also identify opportunities for additional professional learning.

Three Key Focus Areas

  • District Professional Learning

    • Responds to needs for professional learning revealed through an ongoing district needs assessment process.

  • Campus Professional Learning

    • Responds to needs for professional learning revealed through an ongoing campus needs assessment process.

  • Individual Personalized Professional Learning

    • Responds to the needs for professional learning revealed through an ongoing personal needs assessment process. This process may include data analysis, self-reflection, feedback and collaborative discussions. The ongoing personal needs assessment process guides staff to set goals, seek and participate in personalized professional learning. Personalized professional learning characteristics include:

      • Teachers have voice and choice in professional learning aligned with professional goals that impact student learning

      • Accountability is measured in outcomes and growth over time

      • Peer and administrative discourse is framed around practices and evidence resulting from the learning

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Professional Learning Designs

At each level of professional learning, learning may occur through many different designs and platforms including technology and digital learning platforms that expand access to high quality, ongoing, job-embedded opportunities. Learning designs include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Face to Face and Virtual Collaborative Discussions

  • Conferences

  • Online and Blended Learning Courses

  • Workshops

  • Webinars

  • Podcasts

  • Edcamps

  • Books/Articles

  • Learning Walks

  • Coaching

  • Social Media

  • Action Research

  • Microteaching

  • Yet to be Discovered

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