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WANTED: Community members to be involved in the schools by sharing their knowledge and expertise.

The Frisco ISD is collecting names and contact information of people in the community willing to lend some time to make a difference in the educational experience of young people. With this list, we will build a speaker’s bureau. Individual teachers can use this list to invite speakers to visit their classrooms based on what is being studied. In asking the teachers about areas where outside involvement would be greatly appreciated, the following categories were gathered:

  • Career Exploration and Goal-Setting – It would be of great value to have speakers who could discuss with students what makes a good employee, how to choose a career, how to set goals that will help them achieve and be all that they can be, dressing for success, resume writing, etc. This could be managers, personnel directors, etc.

  • Reading, Writing, Communicating – Teachers would appreciate speakers who can illustrate/emphasize the importance of reading, writing and communicating in their every day lives – writers, reporters, filmmakers, advertising agents, pilots, lawyers, real estate agents, etc.

  • Mathematics – It would be invaluable to have guest speakers who could discuss how they use mathematics in their every day lives. This could be accountants, bookkeepers, bankers, etc. Some specifics could be how algebra is used in business, graphing in the workplace, linear programming for business operations, the importance of mathematics in today’s technology driven society, geometry in design, budgets, population growth as a mathematical model, banking and investment.

  • History – Persons with knowledge of Texas History or particular eras could really help bring history to life for the students – those who could discuss the Civil War, the Depression, the Pioneer Days, Cattle Drives.

  • Geography and Cultural Enlightenment – World travelers wanted! Those who have traveled to Africa, the Middle East, etc. could really help bring insight to the life and cultures that make up our great World. Speakers of all nationalities are welcome to help build understanding of different cultures – African American, Native American speakers would be very beneficial or citizens whose families have immigrated here from other countries. Spanish speakers who use their bilingual skills in their jobs would also be helpful.

  • Science – Speakers in unique areas of study or with unique interests would be of great advantage to teachers – topics could include genetics, geology, space travel, habitats, endangered species, volcanoes, earthquakes, solar/wind power, weather, astronomy, archeology, etc.

  • Government – Local officials who could discuss how local government works, the voting process and what it is like to run for office would be of great assistance.

  • Fine Arts – Actors, directors, professional singers and musicians, make-up artists, artists – all would add to the students’ studies through the sharing of their talents and how they use them.

  • Health and Safety-related Professions – Doctors, dentists, police, firefighters, paramedics, veterinarians – all could add greatly to students’ views of the world around them and how important it is to take care of themselves and understand why “rules” are in place. Veterinarians could also speak to the importance of being responsible for another living thing, and how seriously this privilege should be taken.

  • Technical Fields – Engineers and other technical-related fields could speak to the many opportunities available for careers for young men and women.

  • Disabilities – People with dyslexia or other learning issues who have overcome obstacles to become successful could share their experiences with students and touch the lives of others facing their own challenges.

  • Vocational Arena – Speakers who hold jobs that do not require a four-year degree could share with students some of the opportunities available to them – electricians, physical therapy assistants, medical assistants, technicians.

  • Sports figures, Coaches – It would have a great impact on students to hear from these people how important education is to one’s future.

  • Interesting Hobbies – rock collecting, stamp collecting, quilting, etc. could all be used to enhance the studies and interests of our young people.

  • Field trips – A behind-the-scenes look at a grocery store, restaurant, post office, etc., can be very exciting to students and help them understand their surroundings and what it takes to keep a community and a business running.

If you are interested in being part of a speaker’s bureau, please fill out an online application.

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