Application Procedures

Semester 1 Applications are now closed. Applications for Semester 2 will open in December.  

To Apply:

  1. Submit the online Off-Campus PE Application. As an added layer of security to help protect your data, we require you to submit the online application through the parent portal of The Gateway. Once logged into the parent portal of The Gateway, select the tile for Off-Campus PE registration. 

    ocpe-tileNOTE: The Off Campus PE tile will not show in the student portal of The Gateway, only the parent portal.  Please use a desktop or laptop to complete the application.


    • Make payment for Off-Campus PE via Online School Payments - the confirmation number must be included in the application. 


  2. Complete and return the Student Hours Verification Form.

    • Before your application can be approved, the Student Hours Verification Form must be completed. Print or email this form and send to the students’ instructor.   

    • The instructor must verify the student’s schedule of hours, their contact information, and provide their signature.  

    • Either applicant or instructor may return the form to the Off-Campus PE Facilitator Rachel Gilbreath at


  3. You will receive an email once the application is approved or denied.

  4. Once approved, Counselors will receive notice to add Off-Campus PE to the student’s schedule.

Application Help

If you have questions regarding the feasibility of Off-Campus PE working with your student’s schedule and/or the impact it will have on their graduation plan, please contact your student’s counselor.  

Questions:  Please contact Off-Campus PE facilitator Rachel Gilbreath at

Need Help with the Guardian Gateway?
Parents or Guardians who need assistance withThe Gateway access and/or accounts, please email Include “The Gateway Off-Campus PE” in the subject of your email, and include in the body the following information:

  • Student Name

  • Student ID Number

  • Student Campus

  • Guardian Name

  • Guardian ID Number (if known)

You may also reference the The Gateway Frequently Asked Questions page.

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