Library Material Reconsideration

Frisco ISD Board Policy allows parents, staff and community members to formally object to library materials currently available to students. Titles may be challenged if an individual believes the title does not meet the policies and guidelines related to library material selection.

This policy is adopted to ensure the District protects the First Amendment rights of its students. In accordance with established Supreme Court decisions, a District cannot remove a library book that has been selected from circulation without first reviewing the title. The District’s policy is designed to ensure that an appropriate review is conducted prior to any title being removed so that the District satisfies the requirements of the First Amendment. However, the policy is also designed to ensure that educationally unsuitable materials, such as those containing obscene content, are removed upon completion of review.

Challenge a Material

Formal Reconsideration

An individual may file a request for a formal reconsideration of any title that has not been previously reconsidered. When a title is submitted for formal reconsideration, a reconsideration committee is appointed to review the title for compliance with policy and guidelines for library material selection. The reconsideration committee reads the entirety of the book and includes a review using the Reconsideration Rubric for obscene content, regardless of previous expedited review decisions. Learn more about the formal reconsideration process.

Reconsideration Committees

At the beginning of each school year, the Frisco ISD Board of Trustees appoints a reconsideration committee member pool. Individuals will serve in the pool for one school year and may reapply each year. Upon receipt of a request for formal reconsideration, a Reconsideration Committee will be randomly selected from the individuals in the pool.

Each committee will include at least one librarian, one other district employee, and at least two non-employee parents. All committees will be comprised of an equal number of staff members and non-employee parents.

Individuals may apply to join the reconsideration committee pool by completing the following application. The application window will typically be open from August 1-31 of each school year.

Expedited Review

If an individual objects to a book on the basis that it contains obscene content, the District will conduct a formal expedited review of the specific content alleged to be obscene. If the content is found to be obscene, the book will be immediately removed. If the content is determined not to be obscene, the individual or district staff may initiate a secondary expedited review. The outcome of the secondary expedited review is final, except that the title can be submitted for formal reconsideration.

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