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I am new to Frisco, and my child previously took a language in another district or another state that is not offered in FISD. Can he/she still take that language?

Currently, Frisco ISD offers Spanish, French, online Mandarin Chinese, and American Sign Language (not offered on all campuses). We are always looking to expand our LOTE department in Frisco ISD by adding other languages.

I would like my child to test out of a specific language because my child is a native speaker.

Frisco ISD provides students the opportunity to take Avant Assessments during the Exam for Acceleration (EA) and Credit by Exam (CBE) testing windows. Please be mindful that LOTE credit through an EA/CBE does not count for GPA credit.

I am new to Texas, and my child has no previous LOTE experience. What are the state requirements for LOTE for graduation?

Each student is required to take 2 years of Languages other than English credit in any two levels of the same language to meet the Foundation Program requirements in the state of Texas.

My student takes a language course outside of normal school hours. Can he/she gain LOTE credit through FISD?

If a Frisco ISD student takes a language course that is a language not offered by FISD and the language courses is outside of normal school hours, the student may be eligible for Concurrent Enrollment.

I am new to the district, and my child does not want to take a language course offered by Frisco ISD. Are there any other options for my child to meet the LOTE graduation requirement?

In the rare case that Spanish, French, online Mandarin Chinese, or ASL (not offered on all campuses) do not interest your child, any student has the option of taking an approved course throughTexas Virtual School Network (TxVSN). Please be mindful that while these courses count as LOTE credit, TxVSN courses do not count for GPA credit.

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