Students who will be six years old on or before December 31 of the kindergarten eligible year are eligible for kindergarten acceleration. If the student meets the testing criteria, he/she will advance to the first grade.

Important Dates for 2022-23

Kindergarten Acceleration for the 2021-22 school year is now complete.  If you are interested in acceleration opportunities for 2022-23, please check back in March for updated information.


Criteria - The testing process is administered in phases. A child must master Phase I to be able to progress to Phase II.

  • Phase I – An achievement test is administered to determine the child’s level of achievement. Subtests in vocabulary, language, and math are administered. A composite score of 85th percentile or higher is required to advance to Phase II.

  • Phase II

    • Math Assessment: Minimum score 21 out of 24

    • Writing Samples: Scored with District Rubric (8 out of 10)

    • Reading Level: A DRA score of 10 or above

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