Frisco ISD Instructional Model

Elementary Math (K-5)

Our elementary math instructional model is based on the Math Workshop Model. The elements of the Math Workshop Model of instruction include: Daily Problem Solving; Mental Math; Mini-lesson, Differentiated Small Group Instruction and Application with Station Activities; and Reflection Connections. Our state standards dictate the curriculum and instruction scope of mathematics. The learning environment is based on investigative exploration of mathematical concepts that builds conceptual understanding before proceeding to the procedural process.

Secondary Math (6-12)

Our secondary math instructional model is based one the 5E Lesson Model which allows learners to build or construct new ideas on top of their old ideas.

5E Lesson Model


  • Make connections between past and present learning experiences


  • Connect prior knowledge and background to new discoveries


  • Helps students explain the concepts they have been exploring


  • Extend students' conceptual understanding  and allows them to practice skills and behaviors


  • Encourages learners to access their understanding and abilities and lets teachers evaluate students' understanding of key concepts and skill development. 

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