The Frisco ISD is committed to providing a safe learning environment to all students and staff. The initial building design and operation & maintenance (O&M) programs include safety & environmental considerations that both meet and/or exceed governmental and local standards. District real estate transactions include comprehensive environmental phase one site assessments in the initial facility planning stages when deciding upon a new site for a campus. The findings of the studies are carefully considered prior to breaking ground on the new facilities.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) throughout district campuses is controlled via technologically advanced energy management systems that maximize energy efficiency while still providing the necessary control of humidity levels, contaminate filtration and fresh air distribution. Ongoing IAQ response actions are handled in a swift manner to address any concerns that may arise. This may include preventative inspections, green product selections and IAQ air sampling if required.

The FISD has an award winning pest management program that employs the nationally recognized concept of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) when dealing with pest problems throughout our facilities. IPM simply involves using common sense, least toxic methods and physical controls in dealing with pest problems. This may take the form of physical barriers to pests, cultural controls of food products, general sanitation and periodic low toxicity pesticide applications.

Periodic safety inspections are conducted throughout FISD facilities to identify problems before they become an issue. Playground equipment per Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommendations is on a regular maintenance & operations program that involves inspections by an in-house Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI), with maintenance & repairs conducted as needed to prevent accidents or minimize injuries from occurring. Fire protection systems & extinguishers are continually being monitored and inspected to comply with local & national codes.

The overall Indoor Environmental Quality of Frisco ISD facilities is something that encompasses a wide range of issues ranging from IAQ controls, IPM programs, ADA accessibility, O&M programs, and staff continuing education. The Facilities & Risk Management staff are proud of the district structures which are maintained for the students, staff and community of Frisco ISD, and will continue to be for many years to come.

Tim Sanz R.S., CSRM
Environmental Health & Safety / Risk Management Programs
Frisco Independent School District

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