The following are specific units of study at each grade level as specified by the Texas Education Agency.


  • Physical: properties of objects, forms of energy, magnets, heating and cooling

  • Earth: weather, rocks, water, soil, seasons, objects in the sky

  • Life: living, nonliving, basic needs, characteristics, parts of animals and plants, life cycle of plant

First Grade

  • Physical: properties of materials, heating and cooling, forms of energy, magnets

  • Earth: weather, soil, water, rocks, objects in the sky, seasons, day and night

  • Life: living, nonliving, interdependence, food chains, plants parts, animal parent/young, life cycle of animals

Second Grade

  • Physical: properties of matter, heating and cooling, physical changes, magnets, change in position of an object

  • Earth: rocks, freshwater/saltwater, natural/ manmade resources, weather, seasonal information, water cycle, patterns in the sky

  • Life: basic needs of plants and animals, factors in the environment that affect growth and behavior, interdependence, adaptations of plants and animals

Third Grade

  • Physical: properties of matter including states, mixtures, forms of energy, position and motion

  • Earth: soil formation, rapid changes in Earth’s surface, landforms, natural resources, weather, role of Sun, Earth’s solar system

  • Life: characteristic of environments, flow of energy in food chains, causes of thriving/perishing, structures/functions of plant and animals, inherited traits and learned behaviors, life cycles

Fourth Grade

  • Physical: properties of matter, heating and cooling, mixtures and solutions, forms of energy, conductors and insulators, circuits/ electromagnets

  • Earth: soil, slow changes to Earth’s surface, renewable and nonrenewable resources

  • Life: producers, consumers, food webs, adaptations, inherited traits and learned behaviors, life cycles

Fifth Grade

  • Physical: properties of matter, density, mixtures, solutions, conductors/insulators of thermal/electrical energy, uses of energy, circuits, lights reflection/refraction, effects of force on an object

  • Earth: weathering, erosion, deposition, landforms, formation of sedimentary rocks, fossil fuels, alternative energy sources, sun and ocean interaction in the water cycle, weather and climate, cause of day/night, characteristics of the Sun/Earth/Moon

  • Life: organisms in their ecosystems, flow of energy, changes in ecosystems, carbon dioxide-oxygen cycle, structures/functions of plants/animals, complete/incomplete metamorphosis, inherited traits, learned behaviors

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