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Our math instructional model is based on the Math Workshop Model. The elements of the Math Workshop Model of instruction include: Daily Problem Solving; Mental Math; Mini-lesson, Differentiated Small Group Instruction and Application with Station Activities; and Reflection Connections. Our state standards dictate the curriculum and instruction scope of mathematics. The learning environment is based on investigative exploration of mathematical concepts that builds conceptual understanding before proceeding to the procedural process.

  • Math Literacy is:

  • Meaningful

    Empowers students to use math reasoning, concepts and skills in all areas of life

  • Conceptual

    Students must understand why the math works

  • Efficient

    Only after deep conceptual understanding is obtained, students should work toward fluency with procedures/algorithms to promote efficiency and accuracy.

  • Grounded in

    Problem Solving and Numeracy

In order to develop students as mathematical thinkers, a critical skill for educational and work force success, children need to understand the conceptual basis of numbers and procedures. You might notice your child using one or more of these strategies as they solve problems with basic number operations. Do not be alarmed! These strategies keep the "place value" meaning of numbers and are used to introduce operations before teaching students the procedure or algorithm (how you and I were taught to compute). These strategies also provide the foundation for mental math.

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