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Summer 2019 Registration

Summer Registration begins March 11.  The following courses that available as dual credit in Frisco ISD: FISD Summer 2019 Dual Credit Courses. If you find a course that you want to take follow these steps.

  1. Discuss your 4-year plan with your high school counselor.

  2. Apply to Collin.

  3. Fill out the following Permission Form:

  4. Print the form that is emailed to you (check spam) and have your parent and counselor sign.

  5. If your parents and Counselor agree to your courses you may register. *

    *Please note, you must register for designated FISD dual credit courses. Anything outside of these courses, or making changes after (switching times/sections) must be approved by your Counselor or they may not be allowed for credit.

Enrollment Resources

Memorandum of Understanding

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