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Any citizen can nominate someone to have a school named in their honor. FISD has a citizens' committee that helps to research and maintain a list of candidates. A subcommittee of the FISD Board of Trustees considers all priority nominations and a final recommendation is brought to the full Board for consideration and action.


The following criteria shall be considered in determining recommendations for the naming of Frisco ISD facilities:

  • Schools may be named for former FISD employees whose contributions went above and beyond the normal call of duty;

  • Schools may be named for citizens who served the school district long and well in unpaid or volunteer roles;

  • Schools may be named for public servants who, through their official roles, have greatly contributed to the success of the school system and its young people;

  • Schools may be named for public figures at the local, county, regional, state or national level who have championed the causes of education and/or are excellent role models for youth;

  • Schools may be named for the historical significance of the area where it is built or to honor the traditions and heritage of the community; and

  • Schools may be named for persons who make a significant contribution of money or real property to the FISD.

Nominations can be directed to the executive director of communications, who is the staff liaison to the Committee.

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