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Gameday Photography & Videography Policy

All photographers allowed sideline access during a sporting event must submit to the following: (which also includes sub-varsity and middle school athletic events)

  1. Volunteer Background Checks to be completed online.

  2. RAPTOR clearance & registration fee for licensing will be collected at the FISD Administration Building.

  3. Upon completion of #1 & #2 above, Badge will be provided by FISD HR to validate compliance with the district’s new policy.

  4. This new ID Badge must worn at any FISD sanctioned sporting event if/when asked.

Student Usage Policy

Each high school campus will now have a maximum of 6 on-field badges available to them at the start of every school year.

It is the campus’ responsibility to make sure that all badges are accounted for on a weekly basis.

If a campus needs to replace a sideline badge, it must provide the request in writing to the FISD Communications Dept. c/o Derrick Jackson

Badges – Pay Schedule

$100 Registration only for those photographers who are “giving back” to FISD. Contact Derrick Jackson in the Communications Office (469.633.6063) for criteria to qualify for this category.

All others will pay a maximum of $303 total.

Sideline Etiquette

  • Stay behind the line! (or if no visible line, stay a minimum of 3 yards off the playing field out of bounds line.) Stepping forward or leaning out might help you get a better photograph or view of the play, but you just blocked all of the other photographers who can now only see the back of your head instead of the big play.

  • Stay out of the referee paths.

  • If you are not actually shooting the game, stay off the sidelines so that the photographers/videographers can shoot the game.

  • Do not enter the team boxes. This is usually the areas between the 25 or 30 yard lines. It is usually clearly marked with box lines (and screaming coaches!)

  • Never use a tripod while working the sidelines. Monopods are recommended for large lenses.

  • Be cognizant of cables from video/TV cameras, especially the sideline remote videoographers.

  • Never stand directly behind a kneeling or standing photographer. If he/she has to move suddenly to avoid getting hit by players, you will impair their movement.

  • Be courteous and polite.

  • Flagrant violators will be removed from the field.

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