Bond Program 2014

Frisco ISD Bond Program 2014

Frisco Independent School District remains one of the fastest growing school districts in Texas and the nation - a fact that requires both long and short-term planning and responsible management of time, money and resources.

In May 2014, Frisco ISD voters approved a $775 million bond referendum to provide educational facilities for up to 66,000 students. The package included funding for new schools, additions and land purchases, instructional and student support needs, and renovations to support facilities.

The District takes its responsibility as stewards of taxpayer dollars very seriously and will continue to spend bond funds wisely to maintain the quality educational experience that residents have come to expect of FISD. This page aims to give residents a transparent look at the progress of the 2014 bond program.

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*Please note: Financial figures represent the amounts projected during development of the 2014 bond program. Actual amounts are listed for completed projects, along with the projected figures.*

Completed Projects

School/Instructional Facilities

  • Spears Elementary (Projected: $500,000, Actual: $1,038,130) received additional parking and new access/circulation. The cost is higher than estimated due to the need to move the detention pond/drainage underground in order to accommodate parking. The District also decided to add geothermal wells during construction to prepare for a future HVAC conversion. The $213,532 cost was covered as part of the Renovations/Upgrades budget. Adding the wells earlier than anticipated saved the expense of removing and reinstalling concrete later. 
  • Centennial Trail High School (Projected: $700,000) received a fine arts addition to equitably address space considerations with other FISD high schools.

Current Projects

School/Instructional Facilities

  • Pearson Middle School ($35.7 million) will open in August 2015 to relieve Pioneer Heritage and Hunt middle schools in the southwest portion of the District. Construction is underway at 2323 Stonebrook Parkway.
  • Lebanon Trail High School ($101 million) will open in August 2016 with ninth graders only to relieve high schools east of Preston Road. It is currently under construction at 5151 Ohio Drive.
  • An expansion at the Career and Technical Education Center ($16 million) will add 43,800 square feet, increasing the facility by approximately one-third, to meet programming demands in pre-engineering, architecture, legal studies, graphic arts and animation, and health sciences. Program expansions will also include sports management, computer programming, certification areas and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).​ It will be complete by August 2015.
  • Norris Elementary School ($19.5 million) will open in August 2015 to relieve Ashley and Mooneyham elementary schools in the northeast portion of the District. Construction is underway at 10101 Shepton Lane. 
  • Nelson Middle School ($36.5 million) will open in August 2016 to relieve middle schools in the northeast quadrant of the District. It will be built on a site directly west of Norris Elementary.
  • Memorial High School ($106 million) will open in August 2017 to relieve Heritage, Lone Star and Wakeland high schools. Construction will begin in summer 2015 on the northeast corner of Eldorado Parkway and Frisco Street. 

Ongoing Projects

Instructional and Student Support Services

  • Technology ($40 million) funds will update campus instructional technology hardware every five years, upgrade district-wide infrastructure such as the wide area network, fiber and wireless capability and provide for other emerging needs and new technologies. These funds impact all campuses.
  • Renovations/Upgrades ($38 million) funds will to convert existing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to geothermal when systems wear out and where it is feasible, resulting in energy savings over time. Also included are upgrades, replacements and repairs related to health, safety and instructional needs, along with vehicles and equipment for the custodial and maintenance departments, and upgrades to irrigation controls which result in efficiency and savings as technology improves. These funds impact almost all campuses (age of campus consideration).
  • Transportation ($12 million) funds will provide for buses to accommodate additional routes as the District adds more schools and 14,000 new students.
  • Construction/Demographics ($7 million) funds will provide for personnel to manage construction projects and to pay for demographic studies and analysis, both components in effective planning and opening schools on time and on or under budget.
  • Security ($3.7 million) funds will replace and upgrade surveillance cameras and servers as they wear out and provide for new security devices and programs as they emerge. A new device for lockdown and emergency response has already been identified and is being piloted for potential use. These funds impact all schools.
  • Energy Management ($2.5 million) funds will convert old lighting systems to newer standards, which results in energy cost savings and rebates.
  • Land purchases ($37 million) including four elementary sites, three middle school sites and three high school sites in key areas of the District. This includes related infrastructure costs.

Future Projects

School/Instructional Facilities

  • Seven elementary schools, one middle school and one high school
  • Lone Star High School ($4 million) will receive a 300-student addition to bring the school to an enrollment capacity of 2,100 students like the other FISD high schools.

Special Programs/Support Facilities Renovations

  • Memorial Stadium ($4 million) will be upgraded to give the District three stadiums to serve 11 high schools. The plan includes new visitors seating, adding a lane to the track and more concession, restroom, parking and dressing room space. An eighth lane on the track would allow FISD to host District meets.
  • R.L. Barrow Transportation Facility ($950,000) will receive an addition and renovation.
  • FISD Natatorium ($700,000) will receive additional storage to address fire code issues.
  • FISD Transportation West ($450,000) will receive additional parking to accommodate more buses.