Frisco ISD Attendance Zones

2014 - 2015 School Year

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As of Friday, July 25, Frisco ISD is capping enrollment at Stafford Middle School and it is closed to new students who move in and enroll after that date. Enrollment has reached 1,154, which is 154 students above normal capacity. Students enrolling from this point will enroll at Griffin Middle School. In the fall of 2015, Trent Middle School is opening in the area and will relieve overcrowding at Stafford. Students who live in the current Stafford zone will be transported to Griffin in the following manner: if they qualify for busing, they will catch a bus at their bus stop and ride the bus to Stafford, where they will join walkers, bike riders and car riders to be transported by shuttle to Griffin. Parents of course can provide their own transportation to Griffin as well. The shuttle will then return students to Stafford from Griffin in the afternoon at the end of the school day. Those who are bus eligible at their home campus of Stafford will then ride a bus to their bus stop. Parents with questions may contact Stafford or Griffin middle schools.  

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This map is only a guide. Zones depicted in this map may not be 100% accurate. Addresses, especially ones close to the district border may need further verification.


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Due to continued rapid growth and the community’s desire to maintain smaller school environments, FISD opens new schools regularly to meet the needs of students. Part of that process is redrawing attendance zones.

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