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Petition for Intra-District Student Transfer Requests

Dates for 2018-2019 School Year

  • Early Student Transfer Window for General Public Requests: May 21 - June 1

  • General public requests accepted from July 17 - 31, 2018

  • FISD staff requests accepted from April 30 - May 11, 2018

General public requests for residents that moved in after the public due date and requests from Frisco ISD employees that were hired after the employee due date will be accepted and considered on an individual basis.

When reviewing petitions for student transfers, the Frisco ISD will consider each request on an individual basis; however, the guidelines below are in place to ensure consistency in our process. The transfer petitions will be considered by the Board's designee within 30 days of their receipt. If the designee denies the transfer request, the parent may file a written request of a hearing before the Board. If the parent chooses to appeal to the Board, the hearing will be held within 30 days of the written request for the hearing. All authorizations for K-8 student transfers are for a one year period; petitions must be submitted annually. An approval for one year does not guarantee nor imply the approval of future transfers to the same campus or to the feeder campus.

You can view the Administrative Guidelines. Email Susan Dye if you have any questions.

Submit Student Transfer

Early Student Transfer Window for General Public Requests: May 21-June 1

Frisco ISD has announced an early window for student transfer requests for campuses with a projected enrollment less than 90 percent capacity for grades K-8. The link to submit the online form will be available here at 8 a.m. on May 21. Only the campuses listed below are available during this early window.

All other student transfer requests will be accepted July 17-31. You may still apply in July if you miss the early window. Transfer requests submitted for campuses other than those listed below will not be accepted and deleted from the system.

K-8 Open Campuses for May 21-June 1 Requests

Elementary Schools

  • Allen Elementary School

  • Anderson Elementary School

  • Ashley Elementary School

  • Bledsoe Elementary School

  • Boals Elementary School

  • Borchardt Elementary School

  • Carroll Elementary School

  • Christie Elementary School

  • Corbell Elementary School

  • Curtsinger Elementary School

  • Elliott Elementary School

  • Fisher Elementary School

  • Gunstream Elementary School

  • Isbell Elementary School

  • McSpedden Elementary School

  • Newman Elementary School

  • Nichols Elementary School

  • Norris Elementary School

  • Phillips Elementary School

  • Pink Elementary School

  • Purefoy Elementary School

  • Rogers Elementary School

  • Scott Elementary School

  • Shawnee Trail Elementary School

  • Smith Elementary School

  • Sonntag Elementary School

  • Spears Elementary School

  • Vaughn Elementary School

Middle Schools

  • Griffin Middle School

  • Hunt Middle School

  • Lawler Middle School

  • Nelson Middle School*

  • Pearson Middle School

  • Roach Middle School

  • Stafford Middle School

  • Staley Middle School

  • Vandeventer Middle School*

  • Wester Middle School

* In 2018-2019, general public student transfers will not be approved to Nelson, Scoggins & Vandeventer middle schools if your residence is zoned to Lawler due to need to balance student enrollment and staffing considerations.

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