Student Portal Help

Your Links in One Place

The Student Portal is a place where students can go to access online resources like Google Apps and the Canvas, as well as student email and Home Access Center for secondary students.

It also contains links to some electronic textbooks and several websites used by teachers in the classroom or recommended for homework.

Logging On

Visit The username is the student’s ID number. The password is the student's FISD password. For additional support call 469.633.6227 on school days between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM or email

View the Student Portal Guide to see how the Student Portal works.

Portal Features

  • Access the Student Portal and resources from any computer or device at anytime from anywhere, whether at home or school.

  • For some applications, manage your password by clicking on the Account Management tab.

  • Right click on a tile to add it to your Favorites on your Portal home page.

  • Customize the Portal by adding your own links as tiles under the My Tiles tab.

  • Don’t forget to logout of all applications/web sites after use!

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