Superintendent's Student Advisory Council

Committee Purpose 

The purpose of the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council is to provide feedback and input to the Superintendent and Board of Trustees regarding District and campus initiatives, events, and procedures.

Committee Chair

Dr. Mike Waldrip

Committee Membership

The council is composed of four students from each high school campus - one from each grade level 9-12.

Committee Commitment

Students will attend a monthly meeting with the Superintendent and staff. Once per semester, members of the Board of Trustees will be invited to attend a monthly meeting.  Students may have activities or tasks to perform to prepare for meetings.

Term Limits

Members remain on the council for the school year, but they may reapply if they wish to remain on for subsequent years.

Appointment Timeframe

Members are selected in August and remain on the committe through the last day of school for that school-year.

Apply Now

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