In the early 1990s, a committee of Frisco ISD community members, parents, staff and Board members came together to determine a plan for the growth they knew was coming. The District’s only schools at the time were Acker, Rogers, Frisco Middle School and Frisco High. But with 75 square miles, it was clear that FISD could not remain a one high school community.

The group decided students would best be served in 9th through 12th grade high schools that were small enough so that students could know each other, could know their teachers, and could have the opportunity to participate in multiple activities and organizations. It was the foundation of the FISD mission to know every student by name and need.

That philosophy has been implemented through voter-approved bond programs beginning in 1993 that built Curtsinger Elementary and the first phase of the new Frisco High. A referendum in 1995 was followed by four more in an eight-year period (1998, 2000, 2003, 2006) for a combined total of $1.692 billion ($118 million, $298 million, $478 million and $798 million). These referendums received approval ratings of 95, 96, 89.4 percent, and 72 percent, and provided funding for 57 new schools.

  • March 2003: $478 million – provided and providing for 18 elementary schools (Ashley and Bledsoe opened in 2005; Corbell, Ogle, Sem and Taylor opened in 2006; Carroll, Mooneyham and Robertson in 2007; Elliott and Tadlock in 2008; Allen and Early Childhood School in 2009; Purefoy and Sonntag opened in 2010; Comstock, Nichols and Phillips opened in 2012; three middle schools (Roach opened in 2005; Fowler in 2007; Scoggins in 2008 as did Stafford utilizing 2006 funds), the fourth high school - Liberty High - and the design of a fifth - Heritage High, purchases of school sites, a Career and Technology Education Center (phase I - completed at the same time as phase 2 in the 2006 bond - opened in 2008), classroom additions (complete in 2004), maintenance and renovations to existing campuses, security systems, technology expansion and upgrades, service center/warehouse expansion (2004-2005), administrative office space (annex opened in 2005), and school buses.

  • September 30, 2000: $298 million - provided and providing for 7 elementary schools (Gunstream, Spears, Sparks- opened in 2002 - Riddle, Boals- opened in 2003 – Bert and Eloise Isbell opened in 2004 and Dr. Erwin G. and Elisabeth Pink Elementary in 2005); two middle schools (Wester - opened in 2002- and Griffin in 2004); two high schools and the design of a fourth -Centennial High School, opened in 2003 and the third high school – Justin Wakeland High - opened in 2006; new school sites; natatorium (opened in the fall of 2003) and a second stadium (not used due to joint partnership for Pizza Hut Park/Pink Field); technology upgrades and the WAN; final expansion of Memorial Stadium; renovations and repairs to existing facilities; phase I of the Service Center (maintenance/district warehouse) opened in 2004; library resources; portable buildings for transition/stability

  • September 12, 1998: $118 million - provided for 4 elementary schools (Shawnee Trail, Fisher, Bright and Borchardt); two middle schools (Clark and Pioneer Heritage); phase III (final) of Frisco High; technology infrastructure additions and improvements; school sites; stadium renovations; design costs of second high school and fourth middle school; miscellaneous improvements to existing campuses

  • September 23, 1995: $48 million - provided for 3 elementary schools - Smith Elementary, Christie Elementary and Anderson Elementary; addition to Curtsinger Elementary; Staley Middle School rebuild; phase II of FHS; renovations to Rogers Elementary, Acker Elementary, the two-story Maple Street Administration building, and the one story Maple Street school; maintenance/transportation facility addition; stadium expansion and parking; acquisition of school sites; Clark Middle School Design

  • October 2, 1993: $18 million - built Curtsinger Elementary and phase 1 of Frisco High

  • February 23, 1985: $8,980,000 - built Rogers Elementary and additions to FHS and Rogers and a remodel at Acker

  • October 25, 1980: $1,185,000 - additions to Acker

  • 1973 - $1,210,000 - built new high school (now Staley Middle School)

  • 1963 - $220,000 - built Acker Elementary

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