In May 2014, Frisco ISD voters approved a $775 million bond referendum to provide educational facilities for up to 66,000 students. A total of 9,635 votes were cast in the election, and the bond referendum passed with 77 percent voter approval.

The package was developed by a committee of 27 parents and community members who met for several months to review FISD facilities and capacities, historical growth and projections, economic indicators and growth plans of the city, along with cost estimates and financial implications. Ultimately, the group proposed a program to provide funding for 14 new schools, including eight elementary schools, three middle schools and three high schools, as well as school additions, renovations to support facilities, land purchases and instructional and student support needs.

Completed Projects

  • Norris Elementary School (#38) – opened 2015

  • Miller Elementary School (#39) – opened 2016

  • Vaughn Elementary School (#40) – opened 2016

  • Talley Elementary School (#41) – opened 2018

  • Liscano Elementary School (#42) – opened 2018

  • Minett Elementary (#43) – opened 2022

    3 Middle Schools

  • Pearson Middle School (#15) – opened 2015

  • Nelson Middle School (#16) – opened 2016

  • Lawler Middle School (#17) – opened 2018

    3 High Schools

  • Lebanon Trail High School (#9) – opened 2016

  • Memorial High School (#10) – opened 2018

  • Emerson High School (#11) – opened 2021

Other Projects

  • Building Additions & Other Facility Upgrades

Remaining & Ongoing Projects

    1 Elementary Schools

  • Elementary School #44 – anticipated 2023


  • Security Upgrades / Enhancements

  • Technology Upgrades / Enhancements

  • Energy Management Upgrades / Enhancements

  • Ongoing Maintenance & Renovations

  • Buses / Vehicles

NOTE: The anticipated dates listed for new schools are tentative. The timing or nature of bond projects can change based on District needs/priorities, growth patterns and external factors such as the cost of land. Due to the soaring cost of land and a slowdown in enrollment growth, Frisco ISD was able to reprioritize funds towards land that had been previously planned for an elementary school (ES #45). All bonds are issued and sold at the discretion of the School Board in accordance with the law.

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