Middle School Language Arts

Language arts classes at select middle schools included all students who signed up for Advanced and on-level Integrated Language Arts starting in 2020.

The reason: All students can achieve and deserve access to a rigorous educational experience. The supportive environment provides differentiated learning experiences for all students in the classroom.

The result: While academic assessment data and survey data indicated positive results for students involved in the pilot, the results were not as robust and definitive as we expect in Frisco ISD. The District will discontinue the Middle School ILA Pilot Program in the fall of 2023.

  • Learn how the district planned to collect and analyze data from the June 13, 2022 Regular Board Meeting.

Flash forward: District administration will present findings to the Board at a future board meeting.

Flashback: Access the original timeline for implementation and review.

  • Impacted campuses include Cobb, Griffin, Hunt, Lawler, Maus, Pioneer Heritage, Vandeventer and Wester middle schools.

  • This pilot and discontinuation of the pilot does not impact courses or services for special education or gifted and talented ILA.

  • Watch an update provided to the School Board in June 2022.

Want to learn more? Check out the Middle School ILA Pilot Program webpage.

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